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Pickex Electra (PVC) 25 pack

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Star Picket Fence Post Extensions

  • Very easy to install
  • Top fence wires do not need to be undone
  • Raises The fence height 60 Centimetres (2 foot)
  • Save on Infrastructure
  • Save on Labour Costs
  • Easily Electrified
  • Made from Recycled PVC

Each Pickex has a total length of 80 Centimetres (2 foot 8 inches). 20 Centimetres (8 inches), slides over the back two legs of the Picket (the legs without the holes). 

PickeX hole spacing is the same as the top of a standard Steel Picket.

Recommended installation - One PICKEX per post (except for the strainer posts).

* For orders over 2000 pieces, Pickex can be customised to suit your specifications (ie Bending or lengthening).