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Fencing Tools and Equipment, Designed to make the job of building Agricultural  Fences Easier, Safer and Faster.

9 products found in Wireman Tools

East Ender Strainer Board 1M Kit
  • $660.00

Strainer Board

Jack the Gripper
  • $77.00

Wire gripper Tool Patent Pending

East Ender Strainer Board 2M Kit
  • $1,200.00

Strainer Board

40cm East Ender Strainer Board Joiner
  • $70.00

Strainer Board

1 M East Ender Strainer Plate
  • $150.00

Strainer Board

DeBarber Barb Remover
  • $55.00

Barb Remover

Wireman 500Kg Lever Hoist
  • $154.00

Lever Hoist

Digital Tension Gauge
  • $99.00

Tension Gauge

  • $154.00

Wire Forming Tool